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{I&Z} wedding day

Iulia and Zsolt had a very special wedding - engagement and two beautiful ceremonies followed by the wedding reception all in one day (it was a first for me) and everything was perfect.

When I first saw Iulia, I could tell she will be a gorgeous bride, all smiling and sweet. But then I realized that when Zsolt is around her, she gets even more beautiful. It is easy to see that they are perfect for each other and that they will have a beautiful life together. Their day was amazing and the wedding party was fun to shoot - they were surrounded by family and friends so the reception turned out great! It was almost hard for me to leave the party at the end :) that's how great their wedding was!

It is wonderful to see people that love each other so much, and I am happy I got to photograph their wedding - guys, I was thrilled to be a part of your day and I wish you have a beautiful life filled with happiness and joy!


5:43 PM

sweet sweet song

I came across this video out of pure luck, browsing the internet for a song to add to my play list. And since I found it I can't stop listening to it. I especially like the introductory part of the video. Love enters our lives in many ways and touches us forever. For all of you in love, and for the ones who are still waiting for their love to appear ... Enjoy the video and the warm story behind it.

Train - Marry Me

Happy Monday
10:52 PM

{A&R} special day

The wedding the next photos were taken at was one I will always remember: my first wedding. EVER! And what a beautiful couple to have as my first "clients". Adina and Radu were just amazing. Their love for each other was so intense that I could feel it in the air. Literally :) I took tons of pictures and a lot of them turned out amazing (although with such beautiful people it was hard for them to turn any other way). Here is a selection of moments throughout the day:

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Things I love 2

  • my family
  • summer (when will this winter end???)
  • my camera
  • my 50mm lens
  • trying new things
Happy Saturday!!!
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{E&M} Engagement Photos

This past weekend I did a photo shoot in the botanical garden in Cluj Napoca for an amazing couple: Elena and Marius. They met in med school in a city far far away from both their home cities, on the other side of the country. Having been colleagues since first year of college, helped them get to know each other better, but also put them in "weird situations" sometimes, as they both told me. However, as in almost every love story, their relationship had to go to the next level: Marius proposed on New Year's Eve. And  naturally Elena said yes, but also wanted to show off her beautiful ring, hence the photos :) The weekend we decided to do the photo shoot was a wonderful one, Sunday was a sunny almost spring day in the middle of the cold winter. I am sure their wedding day will be 10x more beautiful and I am looking forward to it.

Enjoy the photos and Happy Tuesday!

7:42 PM

{D&V} special day

As promised, I am posting the photos from the last wedding I shot. Dumitrita and Virgil's wedding was special for me. Not only because I know them both, but because they showed me how fun and relaxing shooting a wedding can be. 

Dumitrita is just amazing, with her smile captivating everybody and filling the rooms she is in. Her joyfulness is perfectly complemented by Virgil's calm making them an amazing couple to be around. I can not thank them enough for offering me the opportunity to document their special day.

I was happy to be able to capture all the moments of the wedding, from Dumitrita's getting ready to the last dance. And boy did I end up with a lot of photos!!! A lot of gorgeous photos from which it was hard to choose only some to post here, but I hope I am doing them justice by posting these.